Fire Defense Systems – Professional Application or DIY

Professional Application

High-pressure sprayer operated by trained professional using food-grade, non-toxic chemicals to create a safe fire barrier. USDA and CAL FIRE certified products. 25 gal. application minimum.

Will work on homes, ranches, vineyards, and commercial properties. – Call 209-304-9866

Water Truck
High Pressure Sprayer

DIY – Need-to-Know Info

1. Fire retardant concentrate comes in 1, 5, 55, and 206 gallon containers with a mixing rate of 1 gallon concentrate to 4 gallons water. Once mixed, this has a coverage rate of 400 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on the landscape.

2. The mixed retardant can be applied to plants, grass, trees, house siding, and even glass to prevent combustion during a fire.

Komodo Fire Retardant

  • Non-Toxic
    Komodo is an environmentally friendly fire retardant that is safe for you family, plants, and wildlife.
  • Advanced Technology
    Komodo is a water-based solution free of PBDE’s and other restricted chemicals
  • Easy to Use
    Komodo is easy to apply using common or automatic sprayers.
  • Immediate Defensible Space
    Komodo can be applied around your property to create defensible space by neutralizing organic vegetation making them non-combustible.
  • Cost Effective
    Fire Safety without the cost of clearing vegetation or expensive treatments.
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Iron Owl Rooftop Sprinklers

  • Increased Coverage
    Most ground sprinklers cannot reach tree branches, yet alone roofs, whereas Iron Owl’s rooftop placement ensures high and wide sprinkling, rehydrating the very driest parts of your home and yard.
  • Cooler Environment
    As water evaporates it increases the relative humidity, which in turn reduces the ambient temperatures around the sprinklers. Over a period of several hours after sprinkler use, the environment will become noticeably wetter and cooler.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
    With a brass sprinkler head and solid metal body, Iron Owls are truly built to last.
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